From Het Wapen van Zeeland (Anno 1928) to Puncak Pass

On the sojourn in 1953 at Het Wapen van Zeeland Restaurant located in Puncak which always routinely travelled back and forth Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta, Muhammad Yamin was informed that the owner, a Dutch citizen named Meneer Colijn began to feel anxious and uncomfortable to stay in Indonesia which was being filled with euphoria of independence. Therefore he planned to migrate to Australia and intended to sell the restaurant and 4 bungalows located on a land area of 56.000 m2.

Muhammad Yamin immediately ordered the Board of YDKM (Yayasan Dharma Karya Mandiri) who were preparing the inauguration of the foundations establishment to conduct negotiations with the owner of Het Wapen van Zeeland who finally agreed to release and sell it at 800 Dutch Golden which equal at 680.000 Rupiah at that time.

Het Wapen van Zeeland officially later changed to “Poentjak Pass Hotel and Restaurant” in 1955 which began to operate commercially only with 1 building as a restaurant with 50 seats capacity and 4 bungalows equipped with a tennis court and a swimming pool in 56.000 m2 area.
Then in 1973 we again changed our name toPuncak Pass Restaurant and Hotel”.
Finally in 2003 until today we are “Puncak Pass Resort”.